So yeah this isn’t a porn site.  I realize Jenny Mccarthy was a playboy model and some find her attractive.  This website exists not only to say something offensive/incendiary but also to provide education on a very important subject.  That subject is the dangerous anti-vaccination movement or anti-vax primarily championed in the US by Jenny Mccarthy.

This website is fresh and new so currently there isn’t a whole lot of information up on here but there is a lot to talk about.  In short Jenny Mccarthy former playboy model and MTV star had a child who she thought was a little bit “odd.”  At first she believed and went on television and the internet that he was an “Indigo Child” and that he had psychic powers and he was just a little odd cause “he was on a different plane of existence ”  Well eventually she was informed that he wasn’t some magical gift from the heavens and was in fact autistic.

This is where her “magical mommy instinct“  told her that vaccines were to blame and ever since her and her boyfriend Jim Carrey have been spreading misinformation about vaccines leading to a drop in vaccination rates in the US and other western countries leading to thousands preventable deaths among children whose parents were just trying to do what is right and were lead astray by misinformation and pseudoscience.  So yeah Fuck Jenny Mccarthy!